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Hari Om Guruji !

जन्मदिनं  इदं  अयि  प्रिय  गुरोः शंतनोतु  ते  सर्वदा  मुदं  | प्रार्थयामहे  भव  शतायुषि ईश्वर  सदा  त्वम्च  रक्षतु  | पुण्यकर्मणा  किर्तिमर्जय जीवनं  तव  भवतु सार्तकं ||

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Travel. East, west, south or north makes little difference.  No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey a journey within. Fret not where the road will take you. Instead concentrate on the first step. That’s the hardest … Continue reading

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Sharanaagati / submission / surrender does not mean being weak or passive.  It leads to neither fatalism nor capitulation.  Just the opposite.  True power resides in submission—a power that comes from within.  Those who submit to the divine essence of … Continue reading

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About a leader

“यद्यदाचरति  श्रेष्टसतत्तदेवेतरो  जनः स  यत्प्रमाणं  कुरुते  लोकस्तदनुवर्तते |” (भगवद  गीता :३ :२१ ) Whatever a great man does, that other men also do (imitate), whatever he sets up as the standard, that the world (people) follows. (Bhagavad Gita:3:21) “Man is … Continue reading

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Spirit of Sacrifice

“सःयज्ञाह  प्रजा  सृष्ट्वा  पुरोवचः  प्रजापतिः |   अनेन  प्रसविष्यध्वमेश  वो अस्त्विष्टकमधुक || ” (भगवदगीता :३ :१०) The Prajapati (Creator) having in the beginning (of creation) created mankind, together with sacrifices said, “by this (yagna spirit) you shall prosper, let this … Continue reading

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Bhaja Govindam

“यवद्वित्तोपार्जनसक्तः  तावन्निजपरिवरो  रक्तः |   पस्चाद्जीवति जर्जरदेहे वार्तां कोपि न पृच्चति  गेहे ||”  (भज गोविन्दं ) As long as there is the ability to earn and provide so long are your dependents attached to you. Later on, when you come … Continue reading

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Bhaja Govindam

” मा कुरु  धनजन  योवनगर्वं |   हरति  निमिशातः  काल  सर्वं ||” (भज गोविन्दं ) Take no pride in your possession, in the people at your command, in the youthfulness that you have. Time loots away all this in a … Continue reading

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