Bhaja Govindam

” मा कुरु  धनजन  योवनगर्वं |


हरति  निमिशातः  काल  सर्वं ||” (भज गोविन्दं )

Take no pride in your possession, in the people at your command, in the youthfulness that you have. Time loots away all this in a moment.

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8 Responses to Bhaja Govindam

  1. Mergingpoint says:

    An apt picture to go so well with the verse. For some, when just
    the ears fail to reach the mind, the eyes may play a more powerful
    role to drive the point.

    • vasudha says:

      Also to point out the relevance of age old scriptures to present life situations… Thank you mergingpoint..

  2. Bijith Amat says:

    Even if one takes no pride in one possessions, time will take it away anyways. What I mean is, isnt what you say just an abvious statement? Dont we all know that we will die one day? Should that inevitabilty stop us from enjoying what we have? Shouldnt we just enjoy the moment, have fun with what one has when one has it?

    • vasudha says:

      Thank you Bijith Amat.

      Shankaracharya says, “.. yallabhase nijkarmopattam vittam tena vinodaya chittam..” With whatever (wealth, reward) you have obtained by your efforts be content, entertain your mind with it.
      So sure go ahead and enjoy the moment, have fun with what one has when one has it.

      In this verse he points to the pride that we take in owning impermanent objects of happiness, totally unaware of our own Self which is of the nature of eternal happiness. Therefore urging us to strive, put in efforts to come to know that state of being of which we are made up of. Instead of being like a beggar happy to receive petty alms ignorant of the fact that buried right under where he’s seated, is his own treasure, finding which he will never go hungry. So, Bhaja Govindam ! Seek that Self !

  3. Prem Chaitanya says:


  4. Lovely blogs, both Acharya Vasudha and Divinity Unlimited. Very tranquil and puts one in tune with the divine.
    Great going Vasudha Ji!

  5. Gnana says:

    Seeking the Self is looking beyond happiness and sorrow of this mundane existense. Many masters have done that after either shunning thier existing family life or never became a grihistha(Householder). Is there any hope for Grihasthas to seek the Self?

    • vasudha says:

      Undoubtedly! Most ancient Rishis (seers of the upanishads) were ‘grihasthas’.
      Joy and sorrow influences every human, irrespective of one’s marital status. So also, to look beyond both joy and sorrow doesn’t depend upon one’s status in life. It is an attitude one chooses. And this ‘seeking of the Self’ is what the whole pursuit of Creation is anyway. One may or may not be aware of it.

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