इतनी कृपा हो स्वामी जब् प्राण तनसे निकले …

Sant Bahiro imagines what ought to be his prayer to God when he leaves his body.  He presents before God five ways / alternatives and implores the Lord to bestow one upon him.

“श्रीकृष्ण कृष्ण कह कर, मेरी जान तनसे निकले “ “Let me say Krishna, Krishna and die in God.” Smarana mukti.

or then

“जब् सावरो निकट हो तब् प्राण तनसे निकले |” “Let me be in His presence while dying.” Nikat mukti (saameepya).

or then

“चित्त मे जो तू अडा हो तब् प्राण तनसे निकले |” “Let me die when Thou art absolutely caught up in my mind.” Antarbhava mukti (saaroopya).

or then

“आपहि दरस दिखावे, नूपुर की धुन सुनाना जब् प्राण तनसे निकले |” “Let God give me His vision with the ringing of His anklets and let me die with that vision and audition.” Atmadarshana mukti (saayujyamukti).


“जब् हो तुम्हारी मर्ज़ी तब् प्राण तनसे निकले |” “Let me die whenever You please.” Sharangaman mukti.

“इतनी कृपा हो स्वामी जब् प्राण तनसे निकले …” a poem by Sant Bahiro not much known to fame, throws himself altogether into the hands of God saying, “make me or mar me as you please.”

A seeker uttering the name of the Lord, feeling His Presence near himself, experiencing His immanence and realising his identity with God totally surrenders to Him thus.

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