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There was a great Yogi Changdeva Maharaj, who lived for 1400 years during the time of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj. He changed his body every 100 years by his yogic powers (kaya-kalpa). He possessed many powers (siddhis) but was not a fulfilled person. He heard of the young Sant Jnaneshwar and decided to meet Him. Riding a ferocious tiger, wielding a venomous snake in hand, with much pomp and show he went to meet the Saint. Young Jnanadeva, his brothers and sister were sitting on a wall at that time. On his brother’s (Guru’s) injunction to receive the great yogi appropriately, Jnanadeva made the wall itself move forward. The great yogi was humbled to see that his own powers were only over animate beings but young Jnanadeva could enliven even inanimate objects. He humbly prostrated before the much younger in age though much older in wisdom, Sant Jnaneshwar.

Sant Jnaneshwar composed 65 verses called “Changdeva Pasashti” through which the teaching of the statement ‘That thou art’ (Tat-tvam-asi mahavakya) was given to Changdeva Maharaj. The great yogi thus attained fulfillment due to His Grace.

This shows the importance of a Guru’s Grace and ‘Upadesh’ (teaching). It also shows that Greatness is not necessarily measured by the age of the body (shudra buddhi), by wealth and worldly success (vaishya buddhi), by one’s popularity (kshatriya buddhi) or by literary/academic qualifications (brahmana buddhi). It is beyond all these. It lies in the knowing of the true nature of our own ‘Being”.

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  1. Mergingpoint says:

    “Guru’s Grace” –undoubtedly! all that as a disciple one has to keep himself or herself available to His grace and be abundantly grateful.

    What better example could there be to illustrate the power of the omnipotent grace. Thankyou Vasuda!

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