Jivanmuktasya lakshanam

अतीताननुसन्धानं  भविष्यदविचराणां |

औदासीन्यमपि  प्राप्ते  जीवन्मुक्तस्य  लक्षणं ||(विवेकचूडामणि – ४३३)


No thought for the enjoyments of the past, no thought for the future and indifference even for the present – this is the indication of a jivanmukta. || (Vivekachoodamani: 433)


A man of realisation does not think of the regrets and failures of the past nor does he worry about the future. He who has experienced the higher level of consciousness refuses to relive the past, is not anxious about the future nor excited about the present.

The past is an interpretation. The future an imagination. Life does not move through time as if it were a straight line, proceeding from the past to the future. Instead time moves through and within us. Eternity does not mean infinite time, but simply timelessness. To experience this one must put the past and the future out of the mind and remain within the present moment.


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