Narayanasuktham – नारायणसूक्तं

सहस्रशीर्षं  देवं  विव्श्वाक्षं  विश्वशंभुवं  | विश्वं  नारायणं  देवमक्षरं  परमं   पदं  ||  ||

Sahasrasheersham devam vivshvaaksham vishvashambhuvam| Vishvam naaraayanam devamaksharam param padam || 1 ||

विश्वतः  परमानित्यं  विश्वं  नारायनगुं  हरिं  | विश्वमेवेदं  पुरुष -स्तद्विष्व -मुपजीवति  || २  ||

Vishvatah paramaanityam vishvam naaraayanagum harim | Vishvamevedam purusha-stadvishva-mupajeevati || 2 ||

पतिं विश्वस्यात्मेश्वरगुं शाश्वतगुं  शिवमच्युतं |नारायणं महाज्ञेयं  विश्वात्मानं  परायणं  || ३  ||

Patim vishvasyaatmeshvaragum shaashvatagum shiva-machyutam | Naaraayanam mahaajneyam vishvaatmaanam paraayanam || 3 ||

“The Universe is truly the Divine Person. The Self-effulgent Being who has many heads and many eyes. He exists in the form of the Universe. He is the master and the cause of humanity. He is imperishable, the all-surpassing ruler and savior of the world. He is endless, homogeneous, the goal of humanity. He is the destroyer of sin and ignorance. He is the protector and ruler of individual souls. He is permanent, unchanging, supremely auspicious. He has embodied Himself in man as his support (being the indwelling spirit). He is supremely worthy of being known.” (Narayanasuktham 1 – 3)

“I breathed into him (human) of My Spirit,” says God. Each and every one of us without exception is designed to be God’s delegate on earth. Yet just how often do we behave like His delegate, if we ever do. It falls upon each of us to discover the divine spirit inside and live by it. It is never too late to ask oneself, “Am I ready to change the life I am living?  Am I ready to change within?”

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