The Scriptures – a spiritual lighthouse

Man being essentially divine by nature, the call of the higher is dormant in every one of us. Our great religious books help to awaken this dormant faculty within us.

Material prosperity raises the ‘Standard of living’ whereas the inner spiritual growth raises the ‘Standard of life’. Both have to be equally balanced and developed so that one may sail through life’s challenges with ease and cheer. The ‘Standard of living’ is like the mast of the ship. If it is to be high then the keel must be wide and deep. This depth of the keel measures the ‘Standard of life’.

While facing the challenges of life we may not know the right direction to turn in. The scriptures are like a true compass which indicates this to us. Just as the sailor trusts the accuracy of the compass and moves on, we must steer our ship of life with devotion and faith in the scriptures until we attain the higher state of peace and perfection.

The scriptural books provide an exhaustive science of better living. We can raise ourselves to a well integrated personality, to reaching the experience of the Supreme Reality. In our efforts to develop ourselves, why should we not then put this proven and well tested method to use?

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