Nobody wants you to be free…

वाग्मिप्राज्ञामहोद्योगं   जनं  मूकजडालसं  |

करोति  तत्त्वबोधोयमतस्त्यक्तो  बुभुक्षुभिः  || (अष्टावक्र  गीता: १५ : ३ )

Vaagmipraajnaamahodyogam janam mookajadaalasam |

Karoti tattvabodhoyamatastyakto bubhukshubhih || (Ashtavakra Gita: 15: 3)

Sage Ashtavakra says, this knowledge of truth makes an eloquent, wise and active person mute, inert and inactive. Therefore, it is shunned by those who want to enjoy.

This verse should not be taken literally. We must understand what is implied by it. All activities, knowledge and talking have attainable objects in view. When the Self who is the ‘All and Whole’ is realized, there is nothing else to be attained. In this state of ‘all knowing’, doing and talking cease. The seeker becomes silent, as though inert and inactive. This is the sign of highest realization. He is no longer a part of any conditioning, social or other. This is an outcome of a deep realization.

Worldly enjoyment as the ‘man-of-the-world’ would enjoy is impossible in this highly spiritual state.  The mentality of a worldly person is diametrically opposed to that of a Knower of the Self.

People are forced into compartments/ categories for social interactions. They herd together due to fear, greed, etc. But a spiritual aspirant doesn’t conform to social norms. No status can be attributed to him. This makes others insecure, because he refuses to play their game or follow their rules. He often is told to ‘be practical’. Nobody really wants him to be free. Not his parents, friends, teachers and relatives, except maybe for that one rare human being who has seen the ‘Truth of Being’ himself. Because they can then no longer control him. He is of no use to them any more. He may not even be a ‘rebel’ to be controlled.  Yet the mere desire to be out of social conditioning is seen as a rebellious attitude.

 For material success in this competitive world eloquence, worldly wisdom and vigorous activity are unavoidable. The meditative man withdraws from the world seeking to experience the Self and because of this he becomes mute, inactive and inert.

The desire for freedom must arise within one’s own being.  A ‘Buddha’ under the tree is criticized by men-of-the-world as an idler, useless and a liability. This ‘Buddha’ on becoming enlightened may well serve mankind and earn their eternal gratitude. But the profit orientated, success motivated, impatient men-of-the-world reject the path of spiritual contemplation because they want to enjoy the world and satiate their ‘vasanas’ (desires).

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