Self Knowledge – Brahmagyaan

“येषां वृत्तिः समावृद्धा परिपक्वा च सा पुनः |
ते वै सद्ब्रह्मतां प्राप्ताः नेतरेशब्दवादिनः ||
ये हि वृत्तिं विजानन्ति ज्ञात्वापि वर्धयन्ति ये |
ते वै सत्पुरुषा धन्याः वन्ध्यास्ते भुवनत्रये || ” (अपरोक्षानुभूति – आदि शङ्करा)

“Those who’s knowledge is complete in this and who are perfect in the Brahman-state, indeed have attained Brahman and not the others who merely talk. Those blessed persons who know this state of Brahman and develop it more and more are indeed noble and worthy of respect from all.” (Aparokshanubhuti – Adi Shankara)

Those who recognise this rare privilege and understand that they are nothing but Brahman (Pure Consciousness) and thereafter make it their subjective experience are really blessed. As a glorification of this state of being, Shankara says, those who constantly contemplate on this enchanting ‘vritti’ or thought and pursue it at all times are ‘satpurushas’ or blessed ones, the persons are worthy of being  worshipped by people.

The first stage is to listen to it, then learn it, understand it. The second stage is to become increasingly aware of it, assisimilate it and absorb it in the mental complex. This attitude that one is nothing but “Brahman” (Consciousness/Awareness) when pursued constantly, meditated upon, then one gets established in it. What is in the mind must become one’s own intimate experience. One gets identified with it and gains the experience that one is nothing but that Brahman.

Understanding and discovering ‘Brahman’, our true nature first is the first step even in bringing peace in this world. Then the vision would be clear enough for us to see if or what needs to be done externally. Thoughts and actions expressed from this state of being alone have an everlasting impact to create and sustain harmony and peace. For there cannot be a peace externally if we are not in peace.


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