Shri Rama Gita

विश्वं यदेतत्परमात्मदर्शनं विलापयेदात्मनि सर्वकारणे |

पूर्नस्चिदानन्दमयो अवतिष्टते न वेद बाह्यं न च किन्चिदान्तरं ||

Shri Rama advises Lakshmana that a in the seat of meditation the meditator must recognise that the entire world of plurality, the names and forms are all but a disturbance in the Infinite Consciousness.

This dynamic world of names and forms is perceived by the body, mind and intellect. The experiencer or perceiver in his present state of consciousness perceives the world as a field of events and happenings all clamoring for his attention. This perceiver or individualised ego entity feels persecuted by the tensions and struggles brought to him by these happenings.

In deep sleep however none of these names and forms disturb us. In meditation too the mind rises above the inner and outer worlds of plurality. It arrives at a unique state of consciousness where the Self alone is. It is a state wherein all mental and intellectual fluctuations have disappeared and the Consciousness that was caught in the web of thoughts gets released from all its encumbrances.

In this total state of liberation one recognises neither an outer world of names and forms nor an inner world of emotions and thoughts. The meditator merges into the experience of the Self.

The roaring, thunderous oceanic waves are nothing but their own essential tranquil ocean.

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