The World – Consciousness manifest

स्रुष्टिर्नाम  ब्रह्मरूपे  सच्चिदानन्दवस्तुनि | अब्धौ  फ़ेनादिवत्  सर्वनामरुपप्रसारणा ||

(द्र्ग् द्र्ष्य विवेकः १४)        

srishtirnaamrupa brahmarupe sacchdanandavastuni |

abdhau fenadivat sarvanaamrupaprasarana || (Drig-drishya  Viveka-14)  

Creation is the manifestation of names and forms in the Reality which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss like foam, etc in the ocean.

The world is but a name and form. A name depends upon a form and the form constitutes the substance of which it is made. The ocean appears to consist of innumerable waves, bubbles, foam, etc. These are all names given to particular forms made up of the same oceanic water. The names and forms of the ocean are superimposed on the essential water. Water pervades all the names and forms. Just as in perceiving gold ornaments, the names and forms of the ornaments like necklace, bangle, ring, etc are multiple manifestations of the essential gold substance.

Likewise, Existence-Consciousness alone pervades all names and forms. The world is nothing but Existence perceived in multiple forms.                                           

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  1. mergingpoint says:

    Namaste Vasuda!

    Could there be a simpler example than this , i wonder. Externally as ornaments of different forms and names but essentially its just Gold…very well said!
    I feel, such simple examples to profound truth are really wonderful to reach one and all.
    Thank you. :)

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