Gratitude to the Guru

स्वाराज्य साम्राज्य विभुतिरेषा भवत्कृपा श्रिमहिमप्रसादात  | 

प्राप्ता मया श्रीगुरवे महात्मने नमो नमस्तेSस्तु पुनर्नमोSस्तु ||

“By the supreme majesty of your Grace, I have gained the grandeur of the sovereignty of Self-effulgence.  O noble Teacher, salutations to thee, again and again.”
Sovereignty within one’s own Self is called स्वाराज्य  (swaraajya)  in Vedanta.  साम्राज्य (Saamraajya) is mastery over the external world of objects.  The glory of mastery over one’s Self and that over the world around has been gained by the Grace of the Teacher. By the sheer brilliance of his Grace, the student has gained the glory of Swaraajya and Saamraajya. These are words of adoration, expressions of a student’s gratitude to the Teacher who initiated her into the science of Reality.

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