Uddhava Gita

The Uddhava Gita contains teachings given by Shri Krishna to His beloved devotee and follower, Uddhava, shortly before His departure from this world. This forms the main part of the eleventh canto of the Shrimad Bhagavatham. Various instructions are given, but in and through all, the necessity of seeing the Lord in everything, living a life of self-surrender and non-attachment are emphasized. Ramkrishna Paramhamsa said that the Bhagavatham is fried in the butter of knowledge and soaked in the syrup of love. The study of such a book is of great help to a seeker after Truth.

किं भद्रं किमभद्रं वा द्वतस्यावस्तुनः कियत् | वाचोदितं तदनृतं मनसा ध्यातमेव ||    परस्वभावकर्माणि यः प्रशन्सति निन्दति | स आशु भ्रश्यते स्वार्थादसत्यभिनि वेषतः ||                   आत्मैव तदिदं विश्वं सृज्यते सृजति प्रभुः | त्रायते त्राति विश्वात्मा ह्रियते हर्तीश्वरः || एतद्विद्वान्मुदितं ज्ञानविज्ञाननै पुणम् | न निन्दति न च स्तौति लोके चरति सूर्यवत् ||

The Lord, Brahman, the Self, Atman of the universe, projects this universe and as is projected, maintains it and as is maintained, dissolves it and is dissolved. He who knows this quintessence of knowledge and realisation that Krishna speaks of, neither praises nor criticises anybody. He who praises and criticises other’s natures and actions quickly slips away from his well-being for having set his heart on what is unreal. Good or bad and to what extent is uttered by the tongue and conceived by the mind, is in duality, which is unreal. He who comes to this understanding moves in the world like the Sun illumining all coming its way without any distinction.

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