Ashtavakra Geeta

Ego is a contagious disease. All our methods of education, our society, our family, our culture, give birth to this one disease and all go on strengthening it. Ego means mixing one’s consciousness with something else. It’s the identification of consciousness with some other thing. As long as one identifies with something, ego will arise. Ego is misery. Ego is hell.

The whole meaning of religion is to drop the ego that has been given to us by others and whatever we imagine ourselves to be other than consciousness. Besides ego there are no burdens in one’s life, no fetters, nor chains.

Sage Ashtavakra’s Gita speaks of the real medicine for this disease.  If the meaning of real Ashtavakrareligion is to set us free from misery, bondage and bring us happiness then surely it is this. This prescription is very potent, it is anti society, anti culture, anti religion, anti everything that gives birth to ego. Ashtavakra says the sooner than one drops all identification and realizes one’s nature as consciousness, as awareness, the moment of liberation is very close.

Understanding this, grasping it, getting acquainted with it and then moving happily. This existence is ultimate bliss. This existence doesn’t know unhappiness. Unhappiness is the ego’s creation/imagination.

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