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Shankara’s ten-versed hymn – ‘Dasha Shloki’

Adi Shankara met his Guru Govindapadacharya for the first time and the Guru asked Shankara who he was. Shankara’s reply was in the form of ten verses each ending with the words ‘Shivah Kevaloham’ (I am of the form of … Continue reading

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Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

किं  स्वरूपमित्यात्मादर्शने | अव्ययाभवा  आपुर्णचित्सुखं || (उपदेश  सार: २८ )   Kim svaroopamityaatmadarshane| Avyayabhava apurnachitsukham|| (Upadesha sara: 28) “What is my nature?”, thus enquiring one realizes the Self and knows the Self to be indestructible, unborn, all encompassing, complete Consciousness-Bliss. Bhagavan Ramana … Continue reading

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The Bhagavad Gita prescription..

Emergencies, challenges, dilemnas of present lifestyles, some inevitable, some remediable and yet others that exist only in our imaginations can set us off-balance and we are apt to fall in the dirty ditches of despair, despondency and depression. We often … Continue reading

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Jivanmuktasya lakshanam

अतीताननुसन्धानं  भविष्यदविचराणां | औदासीन्यमपि  प्राप्ते  जीवन्मुक्तस्य  लक्षणं ||(विवेकचूडामणि – ४३३)   No thought for the enjoyments of the past, no thought for the future and indifference even for the present – this is the indication of a jivanmukta. || (Vivekachoodamani: … Continue reading

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The Upanishads

The word Upanishad is made of Upa + nishad. Upa means near and nishad is to sit. There is yet another interpretation wherein the word Upanishad is composed of three words Upa + ni + shad. Upa means to  approach … Continue reading

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