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Basic course in Advaita Vedanta (inauguration)

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Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

किं  स्वरूपमित्यात्मादर्शने | अव्ययाभवा  आपुर्णचित्सुखं || (उपदेश  सार: २८ )   Kim svaroopamityaatmadarshane| Avyayabhava apurnachitsukham|| (Upadesha sara: 28) “What is my nature?”, thus enquiring one realizes the Self and knows the Self to be indestructible, unborn, all encompassing, complete Consciousness-Bliss. Bhagavan Ramana … Continue reading

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Shree suktham – श्री सूक्तं

Invocation to the Goddess of Prosperity सिद्धलक्ष्मीर्मोक्षलक्ष्मिर्जयलक्ष्मिस्सरवती  | श्रिलक्ष्मिर्वरलक्ष्मिस्च  प्रसन्न  मम  सर्वदा  || Siddhalakshmeermoksha lakshmirjayalakshmissaravatee | shrilakshmirvaralakshmischa prasanna mama sarvadaa || May Lakshmi, the Goddess of Siddhis (super natural powers), Lakshmi the bestower of liberation, Lakshmi the one who grants … Continue reading

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Meditation upon the world

ह्र्दीव  बह्यदेशेअपि  यस्मिन  कस्मिन्स्च  वस्तुनि  | समाधिराध्यस्सन्मात्रात  नामरूप पृथक्कृतिः   || द्र्ग् दृश्य   विवेकः  : २७  || Hrdeeva bahyadesheapi yasmin kasminsch vastuni | Samaadhiraadhyassanmaatraat naamroopaprthakkrutihi || Drg-drshya viveka: 27 || As in the heart (internal), in the outside or … Continue reading

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The Bhagavad Gita prescription..

Emergencies, challenges, dilemnas of present lifestyles, some inevitable, some remediable and yet others that exist only in our imaginations can set us off-balance and we are apt to fall in the dirty ditches of despair, despondency and depression. We often … Continue reading

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इतनी कृपा हो स्वामी जब् प्राण तनसे निकले …

Sant Bahiro imagines what ought to be his prayer to God when he leaves his body.  He presents before God five ways / alternatives and implores the Lord to bestow one upon him. “श्रीकृष्ण कृष्ण कह कर, मेरी जान तनसे … Continue reading

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The End of Rituals

A group of Brahmins were performing their evening rituals on the banks of the river Ganga. One of them though was sitting still. On being asked he said, “I am under ‘ashoucha’ (a temporary defilement caused due to birth or … Continue reading

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The Scriptures – a spiritual lighthouse

Man being essentially divine by nature, the call of the higher is dormant in every one of us. Our great religious books help to awaken this dormant faculty within us. Material prosperity raises the ‘Standard of living’ whereas the inner … Continue reading

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The Upanishads

The word Upanishad is made of Upa + nishad. Upa means near and nishad is to sit. There is yet another interpretation wherein the word Upanishad is composed of three words Upa + ni + shad. Upa means to  approach … Continue reading

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